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Workspaces in Toronto: To Share or Not To Share?

Businesses are mushrooming across the country and the need for physically-collaborative workplaces, which do not burn a hole in the pocket, is increasing. Are you, or somebody you know, a bustling entrepreneur hell-bent on finding shared workspace Toronto, but not sure if it is the right move? Take a moment to consider the pros and cons listed below.

shared office toronto


Location, location: The number one reason for many businesses in choosing a shared workspace could be location. Was it your dream to own an office at the epicenter of commercial Toronto or close to up-and-coming mercantile Markham? Then, a shared workspace might be a cost-effective answer.

Bang for the buck

With property rentals shooting north of the border, a shared workspace Toronto is as close a business-owner can get to owning his/ her own office. Undeniably, co-working is economical. If yours is a business that is bootstrapping, you have even more reason to consider this viable option.

Building networks

Have you gone bar-/ event-hopping trying to hook-up potential clientele?  Shared workplace Toronto offer this opportunity without ever having to step out of your office. Be it the blossoming of a new idea or a budding friendship that could turn profitable, working alongside other businesses has its perks!


Got commitment issues? We don’t blame you. A new business could expand and contract due to a number of reasons. Open offices accommodate the shifting needs of businesses. Short-term leases and/ or day-passes allow for easier access to a space without the need to commit for a longer term.

Learning Resources

A number of business centers organize workshops, meet-and-greet events and lectures. Ongoing learning is as crucial to a business as its core functions. Employees, who feel invested in, stay with the company. Educational opportunities are a great reason to choose a co-working space.

shared workspace toronto


Privacy? What’s that?

If your employees and you work well in seclusion, then slowly, but surely, walk away from shared workspace Toronto. Especially if it is a co-working space without physical boundaries, such as walls and cubicles, you can forget confidentiality and any idea of privacy. However, there may be boardrooms offered by some business spaces that could come to the rescue.


Do you not like noisy neighbors? How about noisy neighborhood businesses? Distractions in open offices come in all forms – co-workers’ loud cultures, ringing telephones, nosy partners, and more. If yours is a business that thrives on a focused and unwavering environment, then, you might want to think again about shared workspace Toronto.


If being caught in traffic jam during the peak hours wasn’t enough, imagine having to queue up to use the printer within ten minutes to a client meeting. While most business centers make sure to house multiple printers and office amenities, the most economical ones might have just one, making it time-consuming to accomplish routine business tasks.

Clash of the Cultures

Any entrepreneur would want to build a team that emanates a specific culture – be it formal, millennial or independent. Co-working can cause cultural-clashes amongst business, especially if your neighbor, in a common office, operates on a workplace culture drastically different from your business’s own.

Freedom of Expression

Most shared workspaces in Toronto follow a standard template in terms of office design. A business has close to no freedom in terms of customizing the workplace, should the owner wish to. However, some centers might make an exception. If you are fan of personalizing your office space, a shared workplace might not be the best idea.

When it comes to co-owning a workplace or sharing, think about your business’s needs, potential for growth and the pain points in owning your own space. Surely, there are two sides to every coin, but you are the best person to pick the side that meets your business’s priorities.

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How Beneficial Is A Check In Software To Any Business?

There are many businesses that have check-in software management. Check-in software helps in keeping a track on the check-in and check-out of the employees from the office. Keeping a manual paper might not be that useful. This is because it is not full proof.  Moreover, it is time-consuming to manage the document in an effective manner.  However, the worst part is that they do not provide protection to the organization that it requires.

Using check in software to keep a track on the check-in of the employees will offer the employees with several benefits. It is an added security, professionalism, and efficiency. Take a look at some of the benefits that it has to offer.



It will prove to be a great benefit if you are able to track the people signing in accurately and quickly.  If you keep a manual paper, you might miss out on a sign-in. furthermore, there are some people who might input the wrong information. If you use the right kind of check in software then it will not leave you with any doubt about who is present in the workspace. Also, you will keep a track of the time they checked-in.  You have the option to safeguard your office by limiting the access to only some visitors. You can easily generate reports for reviewing and analyzing there the check-in data.


You will be able to boost the front desk efficiency simply by streamlining the process of check-in process and allow the visitors to sign in through a device. The check in software will enter keep a track on who is entering and their purpose.  There are some software that will let you know when someone will arrives or leaves. All of these will help in saving effort and time. Other than being helpful for the company, this software can be helpful for the person who is checking in.

Professionalismcheck in software

When you use the check in software for your business, it offers professionalism. It will improve your reputation among the employees and the clients as opposed to manual paper tracking.  It will display your branding whether it is just the logo or a friendly welcome message.  The person who checks in will gain confidence in you. Moreover, you will be able to customize it as per your requirement.

However, you should keep in mind that good management software will be scalable and flexible. It will enable you to create a first impression and save you some time. It is actually going to be a short term investment for a long term saving.

The modern check in software will enable you to keep a check on the person who is entering and leaving the office. Moreover, it will also allow your staff the ability to study in detail the various visitor patterns.

However, keep in mind that it is better to opt for cloud based visitor management software. Visitor management software will enable you to keep your employees at office safe and sound. For instance, if the building has to be evacuated then you can take the help of the system the location and presence of a certain visitor.

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