Month: October 2018

Types of Backlink and How can You Get Them?

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It is not a secret that links are important and valuable for all websites. It proves to a search engine that it has authority but also has the capability to reach an untapped audience if you are able to use the right kind of technique.

Link building is a significant part of several strategies. However, it is not safe to assume that any link is good link.  There are various factors that you have to analyze to improve your rankings particularly when you have to find the target opportunities.

Take a look at the different types of backlink and how you will be able to get high-quality versions for improving your strategy.

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Directory Links

Like the name suggests, this link come from the websites which serve as a directory for people who are searching for certain products and services. Online lawyer SEO directories can opt for free or paid submissions. Thus, you might have to assign a small budget for link-building activities if you want to build multiple-directory links. You might also have to consider directories that are subscription based as the sites charge a fee for the purpose of publishing the submission yearly.

If you website is featured on the directories, you will have the added advantage of driving more relevant and targeted traffic to the site. In case the site is optimized, there is a greater chance that the visitors will convert into customers.

Tips to Get Them: A good way to secure high quality lawyer SEO directory link is look for an authoritative niche directory. Make sure that you avoid general directories. Instead focus on the ones which are specific to your location or service that you are offering.


Editorial Links

Along with the building awareness around the brand, editorial links will help with the organic search ranking of the website that it is being linked to. The reason is that the high-profile publication is trusted search engines and taken as being good quality sites.

Thus, when the high DA publication is linked to to the website, the search engine will surely pass on some of the trust to the website with a greater chance of ranking the website.

Tips to Get Them: Rather than focusing on the press release based on the fact that a new range is being launched and use the hard-hitting statistics as the primary focal point and  mention subtly the new range within a piece. It is more likely to feature in a Newspaper. Again, it will appeal to a bigger audience.

Blog Comment Links

Blog comment link is the oldest and easiest lawyer SEO link building strategies. It is good to have it in your backlink profile. These are the simplest form of link that you can get. You will be able to do it by visiting a web page and leaving message for the publisher. One of the benefits of blog comment link is that there are millions of new posts every day. This means that you are never going to run out of places to comment.

Tips to Get Them: If you have to get the best result from your comment, you need to make sure that you have relevant and meaningful comment. If you just comment ‘great post’ it is going to make it obvious that you are simply there for the links. Hence, it will ruin the chances of using the blog for directing the traffic back to the website.